Composed PDFs build on top of others and provide sums, products and more.

zfit.pdf.ProductPDF(pdfs[, obs, extended, ...])

Product of multiple PDFs in the same or different variables.

zfit.pdf.SumPDF(pdfs[, fracs, obs, ...])

Create the sum of the pdfs with fracs as coefficients or the yields, if extended pdfs are given.

zfit.pdf.FFTConvPDFV1(func, kernel[, n, ...])

EXPERIMENTAL Numerical Convolution pdf of func convoluted with kernel using FFT.

zfit.pdf.ConditionalPDFV1(pdf, cond, *[, ...])

EXPERIMENTAL! Implementation of a Conditional PDF, rather slow and for research purpose.

zfit.pdf.TruncatedPDF(*args[, obs])

Truncated PDF in one or multiple ranges.