Basic PDFs

Basic shapes are fundamendal PDFs, with often well-known functional form. They are usually fully analytically implemented and often a thin wrapper around Distribution. Any missing shape can be easily wrapped using WrapDistribution.

Binned PDFs

Binned PDFs extend the functionality of unbinned PDFs by providing more histogram-like features in addition to the basic unbinned PDFs. They interface well with the boost-histogram and especially Hist libraries.


While polynomials are also basic PDFs, they convey mathematically a more special class of functions.

They constitute a sum of different degrees.

Kernel Density Estimtations

KDEs provide a means of non-parametric density estimation.

An extensive introduction and explanation can be found in Kernel Density Estimation.

Composed PDFs

Composed PDFs build on top of others and provide sums, products and more.

Custom base class

These base classes are used internally to build PDFs and can also be used to implement custom PDFs.

They offer more or less support and freedom.