PDFs that are binned such as template PDFs or convert from and to unbinned PDFs.

zfit.pdf.HistogramPDF(data[, extended, ...])

Binned PDF resembling a histogram.

zfit.pdf.BinwiseScaleModifier(pdf[, ...])

Modifier that scales each bin separately of the pdf.

zfit.pdf.BinnedFromUnbinnedPDF(pdf, space, *)

Create a binned pdf from an unbinned pdf binning in space.

zfit.pdf.SplineMorphingPDF(alpha, hists, *)

Morphing a set of histograms with a spline interpolation.

zfit.pdf.BinnedSumPDF(pdfs[, fracs, obs, ...])

Sum of binned PDFs.

zfit.pdf.SplinePDF(pdf[, order, obs, ...])

Spline interpolate a binned PDF in order to get a smooth, unbinned PDF.

zfit.pdf.UnbinnedFromBinnedPDF(pdf[, obs, ...])

Create a unbinned pdf from a binned pdf.